Every chapter relates to a particular incident that occured in my work as a Mashgiach.  Only the names have been changed to protect the perpetrators.

1.     In The Beginning
2.     Psycho Chef
3.     Bird Brain, Grill Man & Girly Man
4.     A Man and His Scotch
5.     A Woman and Her Vodka
6.     Don't Mess With My Kit Kat Bar
7.     Chocolate, Cholent & Chabad
8.     Mashgiach Versus Mashgiach
9.     Let's Make It Mevushal
10.   Mashgiach Rating System
11.   To Life To Life Without Slivovitz
12.   The President & The Precedent
13.   Yiddish As A 2nd Language
14.   Faking It
15.   The Presidential Palace
16.   Camera Man
​17.   Religion, Politics & Kashrut